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Bonnie Rae Mills

My name is Bonnie Rae Mills and I am a San Francisco based portrait photographer, specializing in editorial and fine art work. My work centers on the idea of beauty within reality, where the goal of each and every portrait session is to commune with the sitter, to pull something out of them that transcends the base of what they show the world. With every image made, I strive to show who someone truly is, and explore my subject's perception of themselves and my own. My style emphasizes simplicity and elegance, with connection being the ideal outcome of each image.

I will be graduating from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco at the end of this year with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. I am presently engaged in several series that explore personal connection and the human condition, most notably, my Bloodline portrait series, which deals with human genetics and familial structure, as well as various other personal documentary and editorial projects

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